Unlocking the Door to Hospital Sales

June 2016

Gatekeepers, as with many organizations, control access to hospital purchasers, and that control brings both great power and great responsability. Hospital purchasing gatekeepers are officially known as the value analysis committee or team (VAC or VAT). The VAC relentlessly protects the gate for the safety and well-being of patients under the hospital’s care and the financial and business interests of the organization.

At the BioEnterprise-hosted Opening the Door to Hospital Sales: An Insider’s View of Segments, Stakeholders and Protocols, experts offered insights into these gatekeepers and discussed the obstacles and opportunities entrepreneurs face when selling their product or service to a hospital. This first session of a two-part series explored such topics as optimal sales approaches, earning clinical champions, and preparation for a hospital purchase. As far as a standard method to achieve that purchase, the experts were clear – there is no universal path. Every hospital is unique and every situation is different. As for how to achieve success, It really depends.

Regardless of which hospital you’re trying to access, the cost of entry is always a quality product and a clinical champion. But after that, it’s a bit of luck and a lot of common sense. Know the problem you are solving for that specific hospital, and know (and follow) the very methodical policies and procedures for each individual hospital. Don’t try to circumvent supply chain by taking a back door or top down approach; you will lose. Work with the VAC to solve integration and standarization obstacles to open locked doors and provide the best care to patients.

While industry and vendors must do their part to follow the process and protocols the VAC puts in place to protect patients, it is also incumbent upon each value analysis team to welcome and champion innovation. Whether a hospital’s goal is better care for patients, clinical outcomes, population health management, prevention or research, hospitals need innovation through partners to advance the quality of care within an environment of cost-control.

This event was held at the Idea Center in Cleveland on May 26, 2016. For full event content click here.

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