Secrets of Successful Biomedical Companies

June 16th, 2016

Team BioEnterprise

We like to partner with start-ups that:

Offer a strong value proposition, uniquely solving specific customer pain points through IP-protected products, services or therapies;

Operate in big markets, and/or in markets on a trajectory for fast growth;

Are properly capitalized, with the right investment mix at the right time;

Make their own luck by adapting their business models and plans to the changing circumstances and complexities of the healthcare system;

Develop viable reimbursement strategies to ensure appropriate coding, coverage and payment for the technology or service provided;

Are led by entrepreneurs who are coachable, willing to listen, learn, teach, partner, and bring in new advisors and leadership appropriate to different stages of company growth;

Are managed by teams who are experienced, flexible, focused, nimble, reflexive, resilient, smart and tenacious.