Juventas Therapeutics

Juventas Therapeutics is developing novel regenerative medicine technologies from the Cleveland Clinic for treatment of cardiovascular disease. The company’s lead product, Stromal Derived Factor-1 (SDF-1) has been shown to significantly improve cardiac function through promoting cell survival and revascularization following a heart attack. The company is also pursuing opportunities in the areas of critical limb ischemia and wound repair.

Funding: Triathlon Medical Ventures, New Science Ventures, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Early Stage Partners, Fletcher Spaght Ventures, Reservoir Venture Partners, Blue Chip Ventures, JumpStart, North Coast Angel Fund, Glengary LLC, Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center, Venture Investors LLC, Tri-State Growth Capital, X Gen, Green Cross Holdings, POSCO Capital

Stage: Preclinical

News: Juventas Tests Gene Therapy on Wounds in Phase II Trial